Songs We Sing at FPC Vine 11-13-11

Chad, Corey, Michelle, Pastor Craig, HL, Stan, Nikki, Bob 1-13-11

1. “Slow Me Down” by: Robbie Seay Band


1 Peter Video

I Am Beloved interactive Call to Worship

2. “God is Able” by: Hillsongs Chapel

3. “Alive In Us” by: Hillsongs Chapel

4. “10,000 Reasons” by: Matt Redman

Offering Moment

5. “Slow Me Down” by: Robbie Seay Band

Message – Brian Morgan

Profession of Faith in Unison

7. “The Solid Rock” (Charlie Hall version)

Benediction – Pastor Craig

My Sunday was full of joy, some sadness, a reminder of redemption, and a sense of moving forward.  The associate pastor who I had started this whole Vine service with at First Presbyterian Church worked alongside me for the last time this past Sunday.  There’s allot that has gone on between us.  We have loved each other and near torn each other to pieces over the last almost 5 years 🙂  Learning much about ourselves and each other.

I am excited for him and his new path as lead pastor of a church in Idaho and I am looking forward to new beginnings here as well.  Change doesn’t scare me.  I see great things that can come from it.  Everyone is more willing to reevaluate how we do things, refocus hearts, minds, and passions with Gods call on our church and ourselves.  That’s exciting to me.

Along with the many changes that have been going on around here I have been doing a lot of looking inside of myself.  Really the past year, but specifically the last few months I have begun befriending my past.  Something I have avoided the better part of my life.  I don’t have some super scary past, I had a good child hood, good family and such. I have many wonderful memories. But like most people I meet there are things/events in our past that have caused fear to inhabit our hearts and keep us from being fully who we are meant to be.  Fear.  I don’t mean the fear I have of snakes, zombies, or bee stings.  For me the fear I’m talking about has been inflicted by people’s words, actions and events in my past that have caused deep wounds from childhood through adulthood.  Events that when I have opened up to share with friends I have only diminished by saying things like “oh, that was just an interesting time or thing that happened to me”.  I loath that word “interesting”  It’s a sneaky word full of lies and pregnant with debilitating fear.  The past is just that, past, but it is part of who I am.  I am learning to welcome the wounds home, ascribe them and give them their due.  What beauty will grow from them I’m not sure.  But atleast they are no longer alone and limiting me.  I am welcoming them home.  And looking forward the the future know I having befriended the past.

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