Songs We Sing @ FPC Vine 11-27-11

Chad, Jess, Michelle, Kenny, Stan, Bob 11-27-11


Unison Call to Worship

1. “Jesus I Come” by: Shelly Moore band

2. “Sweetly Broken” by: Jeremy Riddle

3.”Revelation Song” by: Jennie Riddle



Message – Pastor Craig

4.”O Come, O Come Emmanuel”  by: Red Mountain Church

Advent Candle Lighting and Reading

5. “Alive In Us” by: Hillsongs Chapel


Sunday I was running my first 1/2 marathon The Space Coast Marathon in Coco Beach, FL. Truly I love being able to step away from my Sunday duties and know I’m not needed.  I felt completely at peace knowing everything was in good hands.  I was also real focused on running and not falling down.  🙂  I received text messages and sound clips from friends that morning about how well the band had lead.  I love knowing and hearing about my friends leading and leading well.  Especially since those who were leading on Sunday had several years earlier been very specific about how they would never lead worship.  And my response back then was, oh I think you will 🙂  Our FPC Vine worship gathering band are my friends and they are my family.  I love them very much and I’m extremely grateful for each of them.

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