Songs We Sing @ FPC Vine 12-4-11

Jess, Corey, Nikki, HL, Stan, Bob, Chad & Steve

Currently Listening to: “Comfort Ye” by: Daniel Renstrom

1. “Creator of the Stars of Night” by: High Street Hymns

Welcome – Pastor Mike

Call to Worship

Advent Candle Lighting/Reading/Prayer

2. “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus”  (just our voices)

3. “Angels We Have Heard on High” (version by: NorthPointe Church)

4. “Joyful” by: Brenton Brown

5. “Savior King” by: Hillsongs Chapel


6. “What Child is This” (version by: Seabird)

Message – Kenny Ellis


Moment for Mission – Tim Mitchell

7. “Joy to the World


So I mess up pretty much every sunday.  I live and breathe what I do and still I mess things up.  Small things most people don’t notice but I always do. I mix up words to create new ones, sometimes hit a chord slightly off, sometimes start the song in another key or just forget how to start the song we are getting ready to lead.  Now matter how much I rehearse or know the tunes stuff like that happens to me.  Thankfully they don’t all happen at the same time. That would be bad 🙂 I had a few of those this past Sunday.  Christmas songs, particularly seem to be prone to mistakes for me.  Maybe because we only sing the church versions 3 or 4 weeks out of the year?  I’ve grown up singing them, know them in my heart and head and still when leading them in church I mess em up.  That happen to anyone else?

I’ve been thinking allot about christmas songs lately since that’s all I’m hearing and while I enjoy playing them they have seemed to lose their sense of mystery and wonder to me.  I guess I’m longing for more.  To me they have lost something. Maybe that’s a disconnect I feel because our society is so consumed with buying things.  Heck I am so consumed with buying and having things. my life is cluttered with stuff that doesn’t resemble the clarity of Christ’s love for me, for us.  I don’t know. My soul is longing for Jesus.  Missing him in our christmas season as a whole.

With our songs I love that we are adding loud guitars and driving beats and cool arrangements. Just like the next guy.  But I guess I’m yearning for something that radiates His presence, His glory, and His love in a way that connects us to the barest part of who we are.  The portion where all the stuff of life is washed away.  I don’t have a lack of wonderfully well written worship christmas hymns, and modern songs.  There’s so much good stuff out there.

I just need to escape the clutter and in the quiet of morning and the fading of dawn sit with Jesus.  The clutter doesn’t leave for real.  Our lives will never fully be quiet.  Our world is getting louder and louder and we can’t fully stop it.  I feel like we have to purposely meet Jesus in the middle of all that stuff.  Finding hope, redemption, salvation, peace, joy, love right there.  I’m thankful God doesn’t give up on me or any of us and that he adores each us no matter what.  That we can find him wherever we are. That is comfort.  God is good and He is faithful.  So good, so faithful.

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2 thoughts on “Songs We Sing @ FPC Vine 12-4-11

  1. HL,

    Good word here my friend; sounds like you are a bit “restless” with Christmas.

    How did “Creator of the Stars and Night” work for you guys? I have been listening to the High Street Hymns project lately and I really like that song.


  2. You took the words right out of my mouth. We all should remember what Christmas is about. Remember on Sunday morning when you guys are up there singing praises, I always feel The Lords presence all around. So in your messy and cluttered life, remember on Sunday morning you are being a blessing to others.

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