Songs We Sing @ FPC Vine 12-11-11

Sir Leo, Stan, Corey, Jess, Chad, HL 12-11-11 (listening to: "Smoother" by: Magnificent Applesauce)

1. “The Undiscovered” by: The Rock n’ Roll Worship Circus

Welcome & Call to Worship

Advent Candle Lighting and Reading

2. “Hark The Herald Angels Sing”

3. “Angels We Have Heard On High” by: North Pointe Church

4. “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence” (Hight Street Hymns version)

Serve Sunday/Offering – Kenny Ellis

scripture reading

5. “The First Noel”

Message – Pastor Mike


6. “Comfort Ye” by: Daniel Renstrom

Benediction – Pastor Mike

I loved yesterday morning and yet was torn at the same time because my son had a soccer final at the same time our service began.  Man that was hard but my wife kept sending me text throughout the service to keep me updated on the game.  That was cool.  I love technology! 🙂  The singing part of our worship gathering was amazing.  I love hearing the church sing.  There was a sense in the room that we were eager for Gods spirit to fall on us.  The songs all went well and the band played amazing as usual.  I love the words we sang.   The church is blessed by so many good writers out there.  Each Christmas we alsways start one of our Advent Sundays with a favorite song of mine “The Undiscovered” by: The Rock n’ Roll Worship Circus.  I have always felt like the song fit really well for Advent by adding “O Come O Come Emmanuel” on to the end of it. We’ve always done the tune as people are getting in their seats 5 minutes prior to the service starting.  it’s a great warm up song but a great reminder of the coming of Christ.  Love that song! My other favorite song as of late is “Comfort Ye” by: Daniel Renstrom.  Powerful lyrics and music.  Loved hearing the church sing it as our closing hymn.

Right after the service ended I got the best message from my wife that my sons team won their playoff game  1-0!  The team they beat was the number 1 team in the league!  Crazy.  They were now set to play in the Championship game representing Lakeland U10 boys in the 2011 Judges Cup Tournament.  What we found out when we arrived at 2:30 was we were playing the same team that beat us the day before 3-0. You could see the fire in our teams eyes and the lack of it in the other teams. They knew they could beat us because they did less that 24 hours before.  Inspirering thing about my sons team in this Tournement was they only had 6 players to play 1 hour games with no subs.  All 4 of the oposing teams had a full string of players to sub in.  The other half of our team was gone that weekend along with their coach.  So another father and I stepped in to coach.  These boys were not the most talented by any means.  Actually every team they played was really good and more skilled all around.  We just told them to make each team remember who they were.  To give every amount full effort and to play as a team.  I told them to push hard, kick hard, and have no mercy.  I’ve never seen my son play so good.  It was amazing to watch. He played defense most the games and let no one by him.  It was awesome. I’ve never screamed and jumped around as much as I did this weekend and especailly yesterday.  One of the key things we did  was deciding to play each child in their strongest position instead of moving them around over and over again which is typically what you do in U10 soccer to help players learn better.  They had learned in our eyes and it was time to play ball.  Over the season our boys only win 2 games in the whole season.  Letting them play as a real team was magical for them as it was for us parents. And in the end our boys won the final game 5-3! I couldn’t have been more proud!

Lakeland Football Club U10 2011 Judges Cup Champions!

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One thought on “Songs We Sing @ FPC Vine 12-11-11

  1. Congrats to your son and his team! Sounds like an exciting victory. Our boys both played soccer and we had many memorable days cheering them on to both victories and defeats.

    Thanks for the heads-up on The Rock n’ Roll Worship Circus. That’s a new one to me!


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