Day 7 of my Paleo Journey

Breakfast Egg Cupcakes

Currently Listening to: Seabird “Over The Hills And Everywhere: A Christmas EP

Ok, today was the start of week 2 for me and I got to say I felt pretty bad all day.  In order to understand why i have to back up to last nights staff christmas party.  Prior to the party I had felt great all week.  Full of energy, alert, at times “snappy” due to lack of my normal sugar indulgences. So my wife says. 🙂 But last night was my first party since being on the Paleo diet. There wasn’t much I could eat.  I ate allot of fruit and allot of ham.  But even the ham had sugar on it.  It was a weird feeling looking at a sea of food I could not eat at my own staff party.  Someone said I could have the deviled eggs so I threw one in my mouth and within moments I thought I was gonna loose it.  I think there was a large amount of mayo in it and that didn’t settle well in my stomach.  I still feel slightly upset and it’s 24 hours later.  I’m hoping tomorrow I feel back to normal.  And today I had so many cravings for snack foods that I know would make me feel horrible.  Hoping for a better tomorrow.

My wife and I are making wonderful meals.  I’m loving the food we are trying.  Tonight we made Paleo cookies!  They were a little soft but good.  Kinda felt like pancakes, ha.  But again, they were very good!  I’m thankful for all the information out there and such a supportive Paleo community.  I’m hoping the rest of the week goes better with the food and with my stomach.  We are getting better with our planning and my mother in law has been super helpful cooking us a few deluxe Paleo meals! They were amazing!

I do have to confess I snacked on plantain chips a little more than I probably should have.  They are so good and have nothing in them from what I can tell that is bad.  I also have not gotten back to my regular schedule of working out.  I’m missing training but still a little worried to till I get this diet more regulated and I know I’m getting what I need to be able to run, bike and swim.  So the Journey continues…

Paleo Cookies


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