Day #10 of my Paleo Journey

Kabobs from last night's dinner

Currently listening to: “Chugjug by: Family of the Year

Well, I’m on day 10 of my Paleo Challenge and I have to say I feel pretty good. I have much more energy through the day and sleep like a rock at night.  I have noticed when I’m tired, I’m really tired though but that’s only at night.  There has been no change on my psoriasis so far, but I wasn’t expecting anything for at least a few months.  I’m pretty sure stress, alcohol, and grains over the last 4 years are the culprits for the massive amount of psoriasis patches I have. And in return I’m more stressed because of the Psoriasis.  It’s growing on both arms now which really, really has me freaking inside.  Here’s hoping eating right helps the disease. I’ve not had any alcohol in 10 days and plan on never having it again because of its effect on my psoriasis.  I see no need anymore for it in my life.  I really enjoyed drinking with my friends at the local pub and on camping trips, but I would enjoy even more having skin that was not flared up and itching all the time.  So now I have a cup of green tea plain in the morning, water all day long, and another cup of green tea at night.

I have a new love and her name is Almond butter. Oh, my!  Peanut butter who?  🙂 There has been one downside to this whole thing though. At least for my family.  I get super grumpy when I’m hungry! So eating is good 🙂 The more I get used to the lifestyle change I’m hoping that changes too.

The journey continues…Off to work!


2 thoughts on “Day #10 of my Paleo Journey

  1. Have you recorded what you are eating in a way that you can track calories? Most people tend to under eat when they first start eating paleo because of all of the calories that are cut out from not munching on bread or drinking sodas and the like any more.

  2. I’ve been keeping track of what I’ve been eating yet, but not counting cals. I feel like I’m eating enough, I’m just concerned I’m not getting enough veggies and vitamins and such. Not like I cared before really. I just ate crap all the time. Now I’m actually eating veggies every day!

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