Songs We Sing @ FPC Vine 12-18-11

Leo, Corey, Stan, HL, Nikki, Chad, Jess, Michelle

Currently listening to: “St. Croix” by: Family of the Year

 1. “Rise & Fall” by: Daniel Renstrom


Advent Candle Lighting and Reading

2. “Come Thou Long Expected” by: Red Mountain Church

3. “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” by: High Street Hymns

4. “Come All Ye Faithful” by: North Point Christmas

Advent Litany

5. “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence” by: High Street Hymns


6. “Comfort Ye” by: Daniel Renstrom


Prayer Response

 7. “Glory In The Highest” by: Chris Tomlin

I loved last Sunday.  The songs we got to sing, the fellowship, the teaching, the prayers together.  All of it.  We opened Sundays 5 minute countdown with Daniel Renstrom’s song “Rise & Fall” about the birth of Jesus as King.  It’s a great song with real meat to it.  I love our FPC band gang that I get to lead with each week.  Such heart and skill and there are no attitudes, no divas, no agendas.  Just broken, real, people seeking the Savior.  A gang of ragamuffins I think fits us well. Or at least me.  I’m very thankful for them all.  I’m excited for what the new year has for us.  Prayerfully writing songs and hopefully by spring recording.  We shall see.  I’m always very tentative with songs I have written.  There are just so many good songs out there.  I don’t want to put songs out there that aren’t good.  The church doesn’t need anymore of those.  I want to contribute something of worth so I’m writing them with two other members of our band that are good songwriters.  3 heads are better than 1.

The journey continues…

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