Songs We Sing @ FPC Vine 1-1-12

Jess, Stan, Bob, Corey, Me

Currently Listening to: Matthew Ryan East Autumn Grin

1. “God of All Glory” by: Jeremy Riddle

Welcome & Annoucnements


2. “All the poor & Powerless” by: All Sons & Daughters

Message – Kenny Ellis

Silence & Prayer

3. “Beautiful Things” by: Gungor

4. “Sing Over Your Children” by: Matt Maher

Offering Moment/Offering

5. “O The Deep Deep Love” by: Sovereign Grace

6.”Your Blood” by: Matt Redman

Benediction – Kenny Ellis

I love being able to be broken before the body of Christ, safe and not ashamed. Even though everything in me says, hide and be ashamed, be scared.   I love being reminded of His grace each week and learning more about His word.  I’m thankful for our pastors who care deeply about the people God has brought to FPC.  I also love singing the prayers we sing each week with the people God has sounded me with.  I am thankful.


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