Songs We Sing at FPC Vine 1-22-12

Leo, Kenny, Chad & Jess, HL, Stan @fpclakeland Vine Band 1-22-12

Currently listening to: The Jezabels “The Prisoner”

1. “Invitation Fountain” by: The Violet Burning


2. “Clean” by: The Violet Burning

3. “Only Your Blood” by: Sojourn Music

Prayer of Confession

4. “In Christ Alone” (Matt Papa version)


5. “When He Cometh”

Message – Pastor Mike

6. “Mighty to Save” by: Hillsongs

Offering Moment

7. “Alive In Us” by: Hillsongs


Sunday was one of those days where on stage everything is going wrong but the congregation has no idea.  I heard over and over about how wonderful the morning was and how good things sounded to my dismay.  I’m glad people didn’t notice our frustrations. Thankfully all the issues we had last week are fixed for this coming weekend. I can breath a sigh of relief.   Below is an example of our frustration.  It’s all over our faces.  I couldn’t focus on the words hence the made up words and mistakes.  Grrrr 🙂  It was a just hang on morning.  “Only Your Blood” from Sojourn Church’s CD “Over The Grave”

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