Songs We Sing @ FPC Vine 2-12-12

Currently Listening on repeat: “Nothing to Fear” by: Andy Cherry

1. “Beautiful Things” by: Gungor


2. “Invitation Fountain” by: the Violet Burning

3. “Psalm 33” by: Greg and Amanda Blache

4. “Our Great God” by: Fernando Ortega


5. “I Am Set Free” by: All Sons & Daughters



6. “It Is Well” (Aaron Keyes version)

Sunday was one of those days where everything goes well but you just don’t seem to be able to find the pocket.  That was me.  The band played great, but I felt lost most the morning.  I had an amazing week at Recreate 12 in Nashville.  Spiritually and mentally I was challenged, refreshed and reminded of Gods deep deep love for me.   But sleep seemed to be the biggest thing lacking last week and it finally caught up with me on Sunday morning.  That’s really it.  I took a heavy nap Sunday afternoon and felt back to normal.  Sometimes all you need is a good nap.

This year at Recreate12 just like last year I received  a stock pile of new songs for our church, a few good books, and so many leadership lessons to process.  To be honest I was almost numb when I got to Franklin for the conference.  I was burnt out emotionally, physically and spiritually.  I just kinda showed up and waited to see what was going to happen.   One thing I did not expect was the amount of new friendships and deepened past friendships.   There was a unity among everyone this year that maybe I felt more of because I wasn’t the new guy.   No matter what it was I am so grateful I went. I ate to much stuff that was NOT Paleo. I had some bread and brownies and I did not feel good afterwords.  While I do miss bread and sugar sometimes, I’m glad I don’t eat that stuff anymore.  I feel so much better without it.

So outside of our daily conference stuff I God showed up on the streets of Nashville, in Pubs and in Coffee shops. Ramy’s Just Love project with all Recreator’s was challenging and moving.  Then all the conversations over a pint and coffee over the week. I know I know, that’s where God is all the time. Ha. Why do I not expect Him to meet me anywhere I am?  I have such fear inside.  God is with me, has been and will be. He’s not leaving no matter what I have done or will do.  He is there.

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