Songs We Sing @ FPC Vine 2-18-12


Picture I took a Dancer from "The Story Collective" at #recreate12 conference

Currently Listening to: “Hey Man” by: Burlap To Cashmere

1. “God Of All Glory” by: Jeremy Riddle


2. “Come Thou Fount”

3. “Forever Reign” by: One Sonic Society

4. “Lead Me To The Cross” by: Brooke Frasier

Unison Prayer

5. “Nothing But The Cross” (Andy Cherry version)

6. “I Am Set Free” by: All Sons & Daughters

7. “Rescue” (acoustic) by: Jarred Anderson

Message – Kenny Ellis

Prayer & Offering

8. “Rescue” (full band) by: Jarred Anderson

Blessing – Kenny Ellis

For the past several months I’ve been very intentional about the order of the songs and how we approach our singing time. And our people just don’t seem to be singing right now.  It’s like they go through seasons where they love to sing and others where they can barely breathe.  That makes sense to me if I’m honest about my own heart on Sunday mornings.  Heck any morning. Right now I just want to champion their hearts and not necessarily their voices.  As much as it pains me to see people just standing there, I want their hearts to feel free to be open to Gods presence at that moment more than anything else that might make me feel like I’m dong something right. I can be very self centered. While we were singing I found myself resting in the songs and praying for the spirit of God to rest on his people.  That the spirit of God would fall on me and inhabit the air in my lungs.  Peace came over me and I think I rested there for the first time since I got in that building in the early morning hours today.  Anyone else experience the same kinds of things?

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