My Paleo road…

Some of our Paleo Books

Some of our Paleo Books
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16 weeks ago on Dec 5th in the middle of winter triathlon training I began working through Mark Sissons 21 day total body transformation action plan.  I journaled my first 21 days everything I ate and how I was feeling.   Each day I learn more about how this all works.  It truly is a way of life.  A healthy one at that. I gotta to say Dec was not the easiest time of the year to start a new way of eating with christmas parties and holiday feasts.  I was not really a 100% sure what was in everything I was offered at each party or meal.  Thankfully my wife @nikkimac1201 jumped on board pretty quickly to help me be successful.   I’ve done pretty well overall I’d say.  Fell off the wagon a few times eating pizza twice in 7 days, a huge slice of chocolate coconut cream pie and a few burgers w/ buns. I was also indulging in a peanut butter I thought was safe for me.  (I now understand it was not)  Each one of those foods left me bloated, psoriasis flaring up worse than before and generally feeling like crap only when i had eaten them.  I have heard from 5 different doctors that each told me what I ate did not affect my psoriasis.  If it affects how I feel, look and act.  It has to effect my skin. Doesn’t make any sense to me that what’s inside wouldn’t affect what’s outside.   Now I have not seen a drastic change in my psoriasis yet but I have seen change for the better.  Less irritation, itchiness, growth.

There is truly something amazing about how our eating affects so many aspects of our well-being.  I have more energy, am no longer bloated with discomfort or gas.  I just feel better.  There was a period of time a few weeks in that I was seriously grumpy when hungry.  My wife and son can attest to that.  They couldn’t stand being around me. Thankfully that has subsided since getting acquainted with what my body needs.  Over all I am doing really well with the Paleo lifestyle. Having family and friends supporting and helping me has truly been a blessing.  I am very thankful for them all.

My biggest struggle has been a big one.  Sleep.  It has always has been a struggle since I was a kid.  I like to stay up.  In college we would stay up super late and work on our art projects.  I like the night listening to music, reading, watching movies, and working on music.  I’m sure my psoriasis has been effected by a lack of sleep.

Currently I’m reading Rob Wolf’sthe Paleo Solution” in on my iPad in iBooks. It is a great read full of great stories, facts, and humor.  My favorite cook books are “Make it Paleo” by: Bill Stale & Hale Mason, “Primal Blueprint” by: Mark Sisson & Jennifer Meier as well as Jennifer Bauer’s Recipe Blog  I also just got “Eat Like a Dinosaur” by: The Paleo Parents (over 100 kid-approved recipes & projects free of grains, dairy & legumes) on my kindle/iPad.

If you’re not on Twitter you should be.  It’s a gold mine of networking possibility with others who are into whatever your into.  For me it’s Worship, Leadership, Paleo, Triathlon’s, & Music Gear.  I have learned a great amount from others who share the same interests and profession as I do.  I’m very thankful for our technology.  It’s our version of a primal’s cave paintings.

The journey continues…


One thought on “My Paleo road…

  1. Paleo is not easy. In our world it’s as difficult as being a recovering alcoholic living, working and playing in a neighborhood full of pubs. A huge lifestyle change is needed to be successful with eating paleo. Definitely does make you feel better though. I’m convinced what you eat affects skin disorders. Ever since I started eating paleo my acne has improved greatly. I would probably have no acne if I never cheated. Sleep helps too. I love unhealthy food but I will never fully go back to my old ways of SAD. Keep at it!

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