WWE body slams Lakeland, FL

Tonight Quinn and I went to our first WWE wrestling event in Lakeland.  As a child I grew up watching wresting in the late 70’s and 80’s.  What we saw tonight was not how I remembered it.   The characters were not as polarizing.  But then I was watching it on TV back then.  With all it’s bells and whistles.  This was almost like a living room set up. Very small, no bad seat in the house.  Quinn loved seeing Mike “The Miz” who started out on the Real World many moons ago. I was excited to see him actually 🙂  Nikki and I used to watch that show back in the good old days.  I felt like a kid again tonight.  One thing I was impressed with was how family oriented everything was.  At no point was I worried about what Quinn was seeing.  It was chalk full of comedy, fake punches, close lines, flying kicks, a few table smashes, fake teeth fling out, all the while somehow getting us to yell at the top of our lungs when someone got drop kicked really hard.  I chuckled at myself then got right back into it along side my son.   At one point Quinn turned to me and asked me if it was real.  I smiled and said no it was not but they were hitting each other and it was very dangerous.  But that they knew what each other was going to do so they could keep each other safe.  I said it’s a show, but a fun hard hitting one where no one really gets hurt.  Hopefully.  Then we continued to watch, smile and yell for the characters we wanted to win the match.  It was a happy night that I’m glad I got to share with the coolest kid I know.


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