Songs We Sing @ FPC Vine 3-25-12

(Jess, Corey, Michelle, Nikki, Bob, HL, Stan & Chad who is hidden)

Currently listening to: “Don’t This Way” by: the Seventy Sevens

1. “Sweetly Broken” by: Jeremy Riddle


Confession & Assurance of Pardon

2. “I Am Set Free” by: All Sons & Daughters

3. “One Thing Remains” by: Jeremy Riddle

4. “Savior’s Here” by: Kari Jobe


5. “How Deep the Fathers Love” by: Stuart Townend

Message – Pastor Mike

6. “As it is in Heaven” by: Matt Maher



 Sunday I had a really good time with the band gang. It was a lot of fun with great people.  As a whole the morning went pretty well.  I had a few slip ups in the songs which was nothing to drastic but I totally forgot a piece of the service I was supposed to take the lead on.  Not good.  Sundays are kinda a blur for me most of the time. But I have no good excuse other than I just forgot. Which still isn’t good.

In other news there are some things coming down the pike that have me stoked for the future of FPC.  We are starting some new things in the coming weeks, community building type stuff.  Things that bring people together is always a plus in my mind.   Lots of things on my list of to do’s.  Here’s to getting it all done 🙂

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