Weekend Playlist/Review “Luka Bloom” 3-31-12

My weekend playlist 3-31-12

Right now specifically I’m listening to “Luka Bloom” as I wind down for the night.  I first heard of Luka Bloom in 1990 when his “Riverside” CD came out. Heavy metal was getting old, grunge was surfacing and here was this gem of an artist.  The songs on “Riveside” are so strong and frankly I’ve never heard anything like them since. “Turf” has a more mellow haunting feel to it which is great for a night like tonight.  If you listen to Luka you will see he has a way of writing songs that gently grab you with his voice and lyrics then wrap around you like a warm blanket with the music.  I saw him once my sophomore year in college on rainy evening in 1992 at what used to be called 328 Music Hall.  I think that venue is a street now.  Luka had only his acoustic guitar but he filled the large room as if there was a full band with him.  To this day I have yet to be able to figure out how to get the sounds he got from his guitars.  I know he had lots of effects and his guitars were in open tunings.  But it was more than that.  His rhythms left you dizzy and romanced at the same time.  Not sure the makes sense.  There is just something about his playing that I love.  His stylings have had a huge influence on my own playing.  His music never seems to get old to me.  I haven’t listened to his music in a few years and this weekend opened one of my many large boxes full of CD’s and found his music. It was like rediscovering a lost treasure.   My ears, heart and mind are thankful I found them.  If you want to dream good dreams take a listen to Luka’s early records.  “Riverside”, “Acoustic Motorbike”, “Turf”.  You’ll thank me.

On to a good night sleep…


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