Songs We Sing @ FPC Vine 4-8-12 Easter

Leo, Chad, Corey, Jess, Stan, HL, Nikki

Leo, Chad, Corey, Jess, Stan, HL, Nikki - Easter 2012

Currently listening to: “Mighty Fortress” by: Sovereign Grace Music

1. “Here Is Love” by: Matt Redman

What is Easter Video


Easter Reading

Confession & Assurance

2. “All Because of the Cross/Nothing but the Blood” by: Paul Baloche

3. “Savior’s Here” by: Kari Jobe

4. “Our God Saves” by: Paul Baloche

Offering moment

5. “Because He Lives”



6. “Jesus Paid It All” (Passion version)


Sunday was pretty fantastic. For me it started at 5am bright and early to go set up for the sunrise service on the front steps of the church building. It was a beautiful morning and wow what a crowd of people to show up at 6:30am. Very neat time. Then came 10:30 Vine. The songs, the prayers, the moments of wonder, questioning, joy, understanding, grace all of it balled up into our Easter morning. I really love to get to do what I do. Seeing people impacted by the word of God, heck myself being impacted by it fills my heart with allot of comfort and I’d say stillness. Singing the tunes this week was very special, the words seemed to come to life for me and to hear the church sing those prayers is always powerful. The band played great. I’m constantly amazed at the care they take for the songs. Yes we still make mistakes, me first and foremost but there were special moments on Sunday.   I’m glad I got to be a part of it and amazed at the heart and skill of the volunteers we have.  Beautiful people.



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