Songs We Sing @ FPC Vine 4-15-12

Elise, Rachel, Rebecca, Will, Colman, HL

Elise, Rachel, Rebecca, Will, Colman, HL

Currently Listening to: “I’m Not You” by: The Meat Puppets

Welcome -Tim Timmes

Youth Take Over Video


Assurance & Confession

  • “All We Need” by: Charlie Hall
  • “How He Loves” by: John Mark Mcmillan
  • “Father Will You Come” by: Unhindered


  • “Beautiful Things” by: Gungor

Hunger Games Skit

Message – 3 part interviews with Youth

“God Of This City” by: Bluetree

Closing & Blessing

 Sunday was our combined service and Youth take over sunday.  The students lead everything.  The prayers, the teaching, the offering, the songs, the camera’s and video.   It was a treat to be a part of it all.  Initially I was going to just be there to help in any way they needed.  Sick students and other reasons the youth band was left with 1 acoustic 4 vocals and a drummer.  So I stepped in to play lead guitar and add some thickness of sound into the mix.  I am not a lead guitar player by any stretch of the imagination.  But it was fun and I love playing with guitar effects.  Give me a tube screamer, a couple delay pedals and a reverb and this camper is happy.  I’m proud of our youth and how they lead.  The youth bands drummer is also a video producer.  Here is the video he made for Youth Take Over Sunday.  It’s pretty funny.  My character is pretty spot on.

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