Songs We Sing @ FPC Vine 3-29-12

HL, Traci, Bob, Kenny, Jonathan, Stan

HL, Traci, Bob, Kenny, Jonathan, Stan

Currently listening to : Kye Kye “Introduce Myself (Remix)

1. “A Message” by: Coldplay


2. “I Will Sing” by: Pete Shambook

3. “My Hope Is In You” by: Aaron Shust

table time & offering

Luke reading

4. “I Will Trust” by: Chris Lizotte


5. “Mighty Fortress” by: Sovereign Grace Music


I started this post on Monday morning but forgot to finish it.   Sunday was such a good morning for me.  I really enjoyed about every moment.  My family and some friends were camping an hour away from Lakeland over the weekend so I got up at 5am and drove back to town to set up the stage for Vine.  Then we rehearsed, prayed and off we went.  There were mistakes, and some glitches but very minor that most wouldn’t notice.  I was filled with joy on Sunday and it felt good.  I want more of that.  Honestly I don’t think I experience enough of it.  Pride, guilt, stress, distractions.  So many things steal my joy on Sundays.  Key for me is to stay in the scripture and let it transform me.  Let it saturate my skin and soften my bones.  I know, I of all people should have this so ingrained in me.  But I don’t.  It’s a journey for me that I’m grateful to be on.

 Psalm 46: 10 says “Be still and  know that I am God.”  I can’t say I have spent much of my life acknowledging God in stillness.  It’s always in the wreckage that I come to him. Or some time of need.  My prayers the last few days have been expectant of a Father who wants to hear my voice in the morning.  See every morning I carry  Quinn from his bed to the couch, give him a kiss and say good morning and tell him I love him.  He always returns it with a “good morning, I love you dad”  I have been doing that for 10 years now.  Hearing his voice is one of my favorite things in this life.  It’s been far to long that I have let the things of life keep me from the same love God has for me.  How he longs to hear our voices.

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