Songs We Sing @ FPC vine 5-20-12

Jonathan, Chad, Jess, Stan, Corey, Nikki, HL

Jonathan, Chad, Jess, Stan, Corey, Nikki, HL

Currently listening to: “Introduce Myself” by: Kye Kye

1. “Awake O Sleeper” by: Ike Ndolo


Call to Worship

2. “Be Thou My Vision”

3. “My Jesus I Love Thee” (Andy Melvin version)

4. “One Thing Remains” by: Jesus Culture

Offering & Table Time

5. “Come Thou Fount” (All Sons & Daughters version)

Message – Kenny Ellis

6. “I Have Found” by: Kim Walker

7. “I Will Sing” by: Pete Shambrook


Sunday was a great morning.  The early hours of the day had it’s ups and downs like every week but the band was in such fine form it made everything much easier.   I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that the FPC family is really blessed by the musicians & sound man we have who volunteer their time week in week out.  Not to mention they are just good people who are fun, caring, mature, real, and skilled.   I love getting to sing these prayers, hymns and worship songs with them each week.

The things unseen before our time of worship together were the emotions rushing through me.  There were some I could catch and control and others I couldn’t.  I’m visual and see things in pictures most of the time.  Which can be hard to explain to others but I will try my best here.

 As I get older I see my son picking up the same stones I had once picked up as a child.  A stone would be an experience that is life changing for you.  A maturing process or a wounding experience you have.  Just normal growing up.  I visualize that as a child we pick up a stone for each one of these life experiences and then let it loose overtop of a body of water.  Imagine though the amount of stones you have not let loose over the waters along the way.  I have a truck load.

My amazing boy is now 10 and not so little anymore.  He is picking up stones it seems every day.  I am seeing his stones look allot like mine.  Except mine have gotten heavier over the years.  Some of the small ones have grown in size and weight and they are hard to carry any longer.  That’s how I have felt.

But there is a wonderful painting hanging in my mind right now where I am standing barefoot in a river bed.  My jeans are rolled up and the sun is cutting through the forrest creating beams of light that are reflecting off the waters edge.  The glare forces me to squint and look down at the water rippling over my naked feet.  In almost slow motion stones look like they are dripping through my fingers till my hands open and release them into the water where they scatter over the river bed.  It’s a painting I would like to paint someday.  But I stink at painting so for now I will carry it in my memory.  A picture of grace and Gods love for me.

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