Songs We Sing @FPCLakeland 8-20-2012

Currently listening to: “Heroin Lovers” by: Robert Francis

Currently reading: The Freedom of Self Forgetfulness by: Timothy Keller

1. “Come Ye Sinners” : Ashley Cleveland version

Welcome & Announcements

2. “The King of Love My Shepherd Is” : Fernando Ortega version

3. “Bless His Name” by: Jeremy Riddle

4. “Always” by: Kristian Stanfill

Offering & Stephen Ministry update

5. “My Jesus I Love Thee” : Andy Melvin version

Message – Pastor Mike Louden

Prayer time for our children

6. “I Am Set Free” by: All Sons & Daughters


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I grew up going to church. I was at the front door of Hershey Evangelical Free Church every Sunday & Wed of the first 18 years of my life. As kids my sisters & I were dropped off by our parents each week who stayed at home to enjoy a quiet morning, the paper and a good cup of coffee.  We would go to sunday school and then the big church service each week.  As I look back I don’t really remember a lot of hymns.  I remember not liking the songs out of the big red book in the pews and I zoned out because I felt like I couldn’t sing them.  Which is understandable I guess for a kid.  I did like the modern worship choruses we would occasionally sing on Sundays I think because they were easier for me to sing.

There are a few hymns I do remember though that I heard at my best friend Duane’s church growing up. I didn’t like them much either but they were ingrained in my memory I think because of all the elements surrounding them at the time.  They are vivid memories.  If I hear any of those old Baptist hymns now I am quickly swept into the memory of the musty hallways of that church we would run down, the girls we would chase after, the feel and scent of the pews, mrs Boyer’s voice guiding me through each hymn, the sound of the piano, the color of the carpet in the sanctuary, even the horrid waffle blanket that I would sleep on in the guest room at his house the Saturday night before. I always ended up there for being to rowdy and not going to sleep.  I’m sure my own son would appreciate this.  Now that I’m older and experiencing life-like a head on collision.  Those hymns played on a rugged piano in a smelly old church building are starting to resonate inside me.   And I am thankful Mrs Boyer never stopped humming those tunes in my tiny ears on those weekends I slept over and drove her batty.

In recent years I’ve done more research online discovering a multitude of ancient texts/hymns that have spoken deeply to my heart.  Last week I came across one I’d never heard and I was immediately struck by the power of the words and melody.  “The King of Love My Shepherd Is” found on Fernando Ortega‘s latest recording.  The words cut right to the heart of my broken frame.  I felt like Fernando’s version which uses only 2 verses would be a perfect way to start our morning together as the body of Christ.  Pointing us to the cross.  I also found another amazing version with all original verses included on YouTube by: Jason Johnson.”The King of Love My Shepherd Is”  This dude kills it. Seriously good!  One of the verses that I really love I’ve copied & pasted below. Enjoy my friends.

“Perverse and foolish oft I strayed,

But yet in love He sought me,

And on His shoulder gently laid,

And home, rejoicing, brought me.”   Words written by: Henry W. Baker,


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