Songs We Sing @ FPC Vine 9-2-12

Bob, Kenny, Jess, HL @fpclakeland Band

Bob, Kenny, Jess, HL @fpclakeland Band

Currently listening to: “By Thy Mercy” by: Sandra McCracken

“Come Ye Sinners” Ashley Cleveland version

Welcome etc

“I Will Sing” by: Pete Shambrook

“Savior’s Here” by: Kari Jobe

“Always” by: Kristian Stanfill


“Hallelujah What A Savoir” Shelly Moore version

Message – Kenny Ellis

Prayers at the cross

“Be The Center” Jami Smith version


“All My Fountains” (exit song) by: Chris Tomlin

Sunday was a good day.  Our rehearsal time was focused and just a good practice.   But once the service came around I had a hard time focusing on the guitar parts and singing.  See I can play rhythm and sing all day.  But playing lead, rhythm and sing not so much.  It was one of those Sundays where I was doing all three and not so successfully.  We still had a good time singing these prayers together.  I think the times when the “music” doesn’t seem to be it’s best are some of the more honest worship experiences for me because I am reminded it’s not about me and am left exposed.  No hiding behind the performance. I can practice and practice and sometimes it just doesn’t connect for whatever reasons.  And I think that’s ok even though I struggle immensely with it on the days that happens.  Does God desire it to be perfect?  Some would say yes but I’m convinced it’s the heart he is after. Every professional band I’ve seen perform from U2 to Metallica have made mistakes live.  I’m very grateful for the band people God has brought to First Presbyterian Church who surround me with love, acceptance, and friendship.


Worship leads, band leaders, church musicians, join others at as we grow together.

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