Songs We Sing @ FPC Vine 9-16-12

Corey, Chad, Jess, Bob, Nikki, HL

Corey, Chad, Jess, Bob, Nikki, HL

Currently listening to: “Best of Both Worlds” by: Van Halen

Currently reading: “The Furious Longing of God” by: Brennan Manning

1. “Cannons” by: Phil Wickham


Call to Worship

2. “Rock of Ages You Will Stand” by: Paul Baloche

3. “All My Fountains” by: Chris Tomlin

4. “God is Able” by: Hillsongs Chapel

Scripture Reading

Message – Pastor Mike

5. “Glorious Day” by: Casting Crowns


6. “Rock of Ages You Will Stand” (reprise)

Blessings -Pastor Mike

I forgot to finish this post so it’s a week late.  I really felt like the set worked well.  The flow, energy and content was good.  People really engaged.  It was a good morning.  No big mistakes on my part.  I have noticed lately that I am having a line or two in 1 or two songs each morning that just doesn’t come out right so I back up from the mic.  No matter how much I practice something distracts me. Could be the tempo is a little off or someone in the back of the room is drinking starbucks, or I started thinking about the next song.  Some sundays I get lost in the prayer within the song and some Sundays I can barely tie my own shoes.  I am a very flawed person.  Inside and out. 🙂  That said, last Sunday was a blast.  I absolutely love working with the musicians I get to lead with each week.  The best job I could ever ask for.  Oh, oh, I also got to use my new amp!  Man my guitars sounded the best they have ever sounded!

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