Songs We Sing @ FPC Vine 9-30-12

Jess, Nikki, HL, Michelle, Kenny, Stan & Bob

Jess, Nikki, HL, Michelle, Kenny, Stan & Bob

Currently listening to: “You Are My Sunshine” by: Copeland
Currently still reading: “The Furious Longing of God” by: Brennan Manning

1. “Crazy Train” by: Ozzy Osbourne


2. “Holy, holy, holy” (standard)

3. “Cannons” by: Phil Whickham

4. “My Hope Is In You” by: Aaron Shust


5. “I Desire Jesus” by: Hillsong live

Message – Dr. David Clarke

6. “How Great Thou Art” (Paul Baloche version)

Closing – Kenny Ellis

We had a good time Sunday with the songs.  Our worship set seemed to move pretty smoothly.  I’m not sure I’m a fan of “I Desire Jesus” though.  I liked it before but I’m not sure anymore.  Nikki sang it great.  But the music lacked something for me.   We will have to see about doing that one again or not.  My only big flub was on the very last chord of “How Great Thou Art” . I just landed in the place on the very end..  Grrrr.   There are only like 3 chords in the version we did.  How I missed it I’m not sure.  I tried to slide into the right chord but that didn’t work either.  It was pretty funny to most, but I would have rather hit the right chord.   A friend came up to me afterwords and thanked me for playing that song.  Told me it was his favorite song.  I apologized for the mistake at the end and his response was unexpected.  He said.  “No, no.  I needed that.”  That’s all he said as he smiled and went on  his way.  Hmm.  Are our lives so full of the pursuit of perfection that we forget that joy and happiness are not always found in the prefect things but sometimes the fragmented stuff, the unplanned, even the mistakes.

I have always wanted to do “Crazy Train” as people are walking in to church.  The words are good and well the music is too.  I thought it was truly fitting when I heard that we were going to be focusing on the family mainly parenting this past weekend.  That said we are truly blessed to have a counseling center that provides weekends like this past one.  Not to mention the free counseling you can receive if you go to First Presbyterian. Dr. Paul Suich is really good.  I know.  I see him regularly 🙂

Our guest teaching pastor was Christian psychologist/Author Dr. David Clark.  He was very engaging, educational and funny.  I’m glad he was there for the whole morning and the parenting seminar afterwords.

Here’s “Crazy Train” from this past sunday at FPC Vine.

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