Songs We Sing @ FPC Vine 10-7-12

Corey, Chad, Jess, Traci, Nikki, HL, Stan

Corey, Chad, Jess, Traci, Nikki, HL, Stan

Currently listening to: “Home, Vol. 1 – EP” by: Johnnyswim

Currently reading: “Forgotten God” by: Francis Chan

1. “Refugee” by: Tom Petty


2. “The King Of Love My Shepherd Is” by: Fernando Ortega

3. “Rock of Ages You Will Stand” by: Paul Baloche

4. “All My Fountains” by: Chris Tomlin

Mexico Commissioning & Offering

5. “Jesus Take All Of Me (Just As I Am)” by: Brenton Brown


Message – Pastor Celie


6. “Cannons” by: Phil Wickham

Sunday was upbeat, thoughtful, challenging, full of joy, dancing, prayerful words, communion, brokenness, forgiveness, being knocked down and getting back up.   That was just my sunday morning 🙂  My favorite part of our singing together was seeing this little 80 something year old woman dancing with her little walker.  She was lit up with joy and wasn’t going to let anything stop her from expressing her love for the grace and mercy God has shown her.  I mean she was really getting jiggy with it.  In the 5 years I we have been with our church family I have never seen someone of this age getting down like this little lady.  It really made my heart smile.

So I am discovering part of myself I have never know existed.  Or maybe actually I did but have buried that person deep inside for fear of being exposed a jerk.  I’m a people pleaser.  I’ve always wanted to make everyone around me feel good about who they are. And I’ve always wanted everyone to like me.  We all want that.  But being a jerk doesn’t one accomplish that.  Thing is you don’t have to bury stuff to deep till eventually it leaks out and someone figures out who you really are.   As of late I have been surrendering my emotions each morning while doing my daily prayers out of “The Divine Hours” Prayers for Autumn and Wintertime by: Phyllis Tickle.  You would think that doing such a surrender would only make me a nicer, happier and better person.  On the contrary in this process I have become grumpier, and a not so thoughtful person. You can ask my wife and son.  They will testify to this.  It’s like my compassionate self has walked out on me.  The reality is I’m having to figure out how to deal with real present feelings, thoughts and motions good and bad.  It’s like there is a boy inside of me that never fully grew up emotionally who is now doing just that.  It’s a good thing. The process might not be pretty on the outside but on the inside I am maturing and learning how to correctly handle what comes at me during the day.

It’s over coffee and a yummy omlette at Mitchells Coffee House downtown Lakeland this morning that my mind is circling around a quote from one of the speakers at  last weeks Catalyst conference.  “There’s a story behind every brokenness”  I can’t remember who said it but those words have been glued to the wall of my mind since I heard them.   Every person I encounter from now on I want to see through this lens.  Even myself.  Our story doesn’t define us but it explains allot doesn’t it.  Grace and mercy.


One thought on “Songs We Sing @ FPC Vine 10-7-12

  1. I don’t remember whose quote that is either, but it resonates with me as well! It was good to see you!

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