Songs We Sing @FPClakeland Vine Easter 2013

Michelle, HL, Nikki, Corey, Stan, Bob

(Michelle, HL, Nikki, Corey, Stan, Bob)

Currently listening to: “Ultramarine” by: The Ocean Blue
Currently reading: “the Irresistible Revolution” by: Shane Claiborne

1. “Because He Lives” (David Crowder version)

Reading & Welcome

Confession & Assurance (Worship Sourcebook)

2. “All Because of the Cross” by: Paul Baloche

3. “Saviors Here” by: Kari Jobe


Testimony (Andy Stone)

4. “In Christ Alone” (Matt Papa version)

Message -Kenny Ellis

5. “Crown Him (Majesty) by: Chris Tomlin

Closing Prayer

This morning I got my weekly email from Seth Godin’s blog simply titled “Just the good parts“.  It’s all I wanted to leave you with as Easter 2013 passes and you start your new week.  Here is a re-post from Seth’s blog.  Written by Seth Godin.

Just the good parts
“I want to be an actress, but I don’t want to go on auditions.”
“I want to play varsity sports, but I need to be sure I’m going to make the team.”
“It’s important to sell this great new service, but I’m not willing to deal with rejection.”
You don’t get to just do the good parts. Of course.
In fact, you probably wouldn’t have chosen this path if it was guaranteed to work every time.
The implication of this might surprise you, though: when the tough parts come along, the rejection and the slog and the unfair bad breaks, it makes sense to welcome them. Instead of cursing or fearing the down moments, understand that they mean you’ve chosen reality, not some unsustainable fantasy. It means that you’re doing worthwhile, difficult work, not merely amusing yourself.
The very thing you’re seeking only exists because of the whole. We can’t deny the difficult parts, we have no choice but to embrace them.”

– Ponder those words this week as you think about your job, family, relationships, church family, and just life.  Nothing is perfect and that’s just about the best thing you could ask for when it comes down to it.  I’m realizing or I guess wrestling with this in my own journey and trying to let go and rest in the peace that transcends all understanding.   –   Sundaysetlists   –   youtubeclips


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