Songs We Sing in 2013 @FPClakeland Vine


(HL, Nikki & Stan)
Currently listening to: The Autumn Film “Eight Track Tape”
Currently reading: Checkpoints “A Practical Guide To Manhood”

Sunday 4-7-13


Confession & Assurance

1. “Be Thou My  Vision” (Ginny Owens version)

2. “Almighty God” by: Todd Fields

3. “Cast My Cares” by: Tim Timmons

Community prayer & Offering

4. “Awake My Soul” by: Chris Tomlin

Haiti trip recap

Message – Kenny Ellis

5. “Unchanging” by: Chris Tomlin

Closing prayer

This past sunday was really stripped down to just keys, acoustic guitar and vocals and I loved it.  I say it every week and I mean it that it’s a real honor to play with the band people God has brought to FPC.  Such a blessing. The journey continues…

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2 thoughts on “Songs We Sing in 2013 @FPClakeland Vine

  1. HL –

    I was listening to TAF’s “Eight Track Tape” as well today – love them…

    Did you do the rap with the acoustic version of “Awake” 🙂



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