Songs We Sing @fpclakeland 5-12-13 Mothers Day

Katie, Jacob, (My Anchor Holds) HL, Nikki

Katie, Jacob, (My Anchor Holds) HL, Nikki

Currently listening to: “Open The Gates” by: Extol (on repeat)
Currently reading: “Ruthless Trust” by: Brennan Manning

1. “Lead Us On” written & lead by: My Anchor Holds


2. Come Thou Fount : lead by: My Anchor Holds

Message – Pastor Mike

Confession & Assurance – HL

3. “I Am Set Free” by: All Sons & Daughters” (lead by: HL & Nikki)

4. “Cast My Cares” by: Tim Timmons ((lead by: HL & Nikki)


Moment for mission:  w/Jacob & Katie Eckeberger (My Anchor Holds)

5. “My Anchor Holds” Hymn Re-write written & lead by: My Anchor Holds

6. “The Solid Rock” lead by: My Anchor Holds


Today was one of those days I wouldn’t mind having every week.  I mean I love having a full band, but acoustic sundays like this one are nice because it’s more in your face and real.  Not that my telecaster can’t be in your face when I’m rippin one of those 2 note worship solos or anything (joking they are actually 3 notes) but acoustic is raw, you can’t hide and you don’t have to worry if everything or everyone is gonna stay on beat, hit the right notes, show up etc. 🙂 It’s just hear I am, my heart is desperately needing recharged and time with church family singing prayers and songs of hope together.   I was lead today by friends Jacob and Katie Eckerber AKA: My Anchor Holds.  They are beautiful souls with amazing voices, hearts and songwriting skills.  It was nice to just sing beside my son today which I don’t ever get to do.  It’s something I wish I could have done with my dad.  So honestly I think this was the very first time Quinn has ever sat beside me and we have worshiped together like we did.  It was a moment I will not soon forget.   Hoping for more times like that in the future with my family.   If you go to church with your kids have them sit with you and sing without fear.  Even if they don’t.  Enjoy reaching out to God knowing your children are right beside you.  There is no safer place.  Remember they see everything you do and this one thing could change their lives forever.

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