Songs We Sing @fpclakeland 02/09/14


(Stan, Jeff, Nikki, HL, photobomber, Michelle, Mark, Chris, & Yann)

Currently listening to: “Albatross” by: Big Wreck
Currently reading: Dangerous Wonder by: Michael Yaconelli


“My nephew’s awe and wonder caused him to surrender to the snow by falling into it.”

Michael Yaconelli. Dangerous Wonder (Kindle Locations 151-152)

I was caught off guard when I read this line from Michael Yaconellis’ book Dangerous Wonder, because I get lost in the mundane doing of things every day including sunday mornings that I often miss the awe and wonder of what God is doing around me and even in me. If i’m honest that happens more times than I’d like to admit. When things are stressful I tend to slowly shut down no matter what degree of stress. I am a master at hiding how I’m feeling. I really am. I guess you could say I’ve had a lifetime of mastering the art of illusion.  Stress and all it’s junk usually slows down my thinking and I go into medication mode. I have many levels of medication that I may choose from.  I’m think we all do. But what would happen if I looked through those moments and saw the awe and wonder of a Savior who is so eagerly and joyfully smiling at me like I do my own son in the mornings.

When my son wakes he is all confused looking, his hair is all messed up, he walks funny and all I want to do is hug his face and kiss his forehead and tell him how much I love him. Every single day I cherish that moment. That’s really no different at all to how Christ sees us every moment of our day. I want to live like I believe that.  

My prayer today is that in the midst of our junk and the junk that surrounds our days that I would see and we would see Jesus’s face and his hand pulling us close to hug and kiss our foreheads.   May we fall into those arms with trust and adoration.

Sunday Set List @fpclakeland 2/9/14

1. “Before The Throne of God Above” by: Sojourn Music

2. “Open Up The Heavens”by: Vertical Church Band

3. “Oh My Soul” by: Josh Balwin

4. “My Hope” by: Paul Baloche



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